Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Amazing Vacation

I just spent the most amazing week with my husband! We went on a cruise to the Caribbean. Our first stop was in Nassau The Bahamas. We spent the day snorkling and laying in the sun. They even fed us a pretty yummy lunch! We had to be back on our ship at 2pm to ship out. We didn't get much time there but it's beautiful and I am told the Atlantis resort is amazing! We spent the next day at sea. It was so relaxing there was no schedule or anything that we had to do. We slept late, ate breakfast spent sometime on our balcony reading, went up for lunch came back and took a nap.. of course our favorite place on the boat was the casino... well at least for me I won a little over $500 on our trip! Our next stop was in St. Thomas where we shopped, shopped and shopped some more. We got lots of little trinkets and Jason bought me a very pretty ring for our anniversary. We took a tram ride up to what they call "Paradise Point" and you should have seen the view! You could see all of St. Thomas as well as the island of St. John. We got about 11 hours in port there. It was HOT and very humid.I swear I sweated off about 10 pounds!! We sailed overnight and spent the next day on the island of St. Maartin. This was by far our favoite spot. We shopped a little bit and then rented beach chairs and a big umbrella and spent the day on the beach just relaxing. At the end of the day we set sail for the good ol' u-s-of A. We were at sea for two days on the way back. They had a fab. show in the theater it was Vegas style and 80's themed it was so neat. Over all it was I think on my top 3 of favorite vacations we have taken. If you have ever thought about cruising DO IT!! It was so amazing. It was also so much fun to be able to spend some time alone with my best friend and remember why we traded vows 10 years ago!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day One

After a rather sleepless but smooth flight we made it into Miami about 20 minutes early. We decided since we had time to go ahead and spend 50 bucks and get a hotel room for a few hours. We got what you would expect from a $50 hotel room but the bed was soft and the shower wet and we were able to get about 3 hours of sleep. We boarded our boat at about 1pm after about 30 minutes of line waiting. I swear I thought I was in Disneyworld for a second! Our room wasn't quite ready yet so we headed up to the Lido deck where they were serving lunch. WOW you should see all the food on this ship!! Now I see why people gain so much damn weight on these things. Maybe I can counter act that by going to the fitness room in the mornings....or maybe not!! In any avent I don't think I will be lacking in nutrition while we are here. We're about to debark in about an hour. I'll update tomorrow night after we visit Nassau. I think we are going to go on a pirate treasure hunt! They just made our set sale announcement!! Bon Voyage we'll see you tomorrow.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Today's the day

After 8 months of anticipation I am off on my vacation tonight. We fly out of Seattle at 9:25pm and land in Miami at 6am. We are allowed to board our ship at 12:30pm and the ship leaves port at 4pm. I am so excited to be traveling to a new place and seeing new things, and the best part I am doing it with my best friend of 10 years!! I am amazed that it has been 10 years already it seems that it just flew past. I am glad we are taking this trip to get away from the regular grind to relax and unwind and reconnect. It's so easy to get caught up in the everyday... I am planning on updating my blog as often as I can on our trip so if you feel so inclinded you can follow along!! Talk to you all soon Bon Voyage!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting ready to go....

Well this is it the final countdown (enter bad Europe song)... we're finally leaving on Saturday after months of anticipation! I am very excited but stressed at the same time as I have yet to get myself and the kids packed to go! I will be taking a laptop with me and frequently updating my blog on the cruise so stay tuned!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008


I love this time of year. It's so pretty with all the changing colors, the kids are back in school, the weather is cooling and I can drag out my crockpot! Yee Haw!! I just love living in Washington with all the specific seasons. I think Fall though by far might be my favorite one of all! The picture here was taken by my sister in law. I just love how the water drops stand up on the leaf...