Sunday, December 28, 2008

Showing Love

Leave it to Holly to tag me AGAIN!! This one is fun though! She awarded me this cute little blog award and now I have to blog about the top 5 things I love:

1: My husband and kids. Should be a given but it's the truth. I couldn't imagine life without them.

2: CBS Thursday nights, Survivor and CSI the original. I go through withdrawls when it's not in season time!

3: Card making this one thing I do when I am bored or just need to "escape" from my reality for a bit. There is nothing like the look on someones face when they get a homemade card!

4: Warm snuggly pajamas. I could stay all day in them. Flannel are the best.

5: Days with nothing to do. I live for my down days where there is no dance, soccer, pta, awana, karate.... you get the picture. The days where I can stay home get things in order and actually cook a real dinner. Those are the days that I love.

So now I am supposed to tag people. I didn't read Holly's list so sorry if there are duplicates.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow, Snow and More Snow

So you would think with all the extra time that I have had being stuck inside I would be blogging like crazy...alas I have not. But here I am finally to report on our week so far. Aaron had all of 1 day of school this week do to snow and early release days. He was super stoked about that! We did finally get out of the house on Friday to go and see a movie. It was a must do or else I was affraid I would kill my children. I have also institued a new rule for snow play: You must stay outside for at least as long as it took me to get you ready to go out in the first place. I spend 35 minutes putting on gloves, fixing snowpants, hats, boots, coats, scarves only to have them get outside and want to come back in 5 minutes later. This snow does kind of suck though because it's so light it doesn't pack (see the exibit A picture below of the kids pelting dad with "snowballs") I have gotten quite a bit done being stuck. All of my christmas presents are wrapped, I'm getting my baking done and my laundry is ALMOST caught up. All in all it hasn't been that bad. I think it's pretty but it can go away anytime now!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thirty ain't so bad....

So I turned 30 on Sunday. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm actually looking forward to my 30's and figuring out me as a person... Saturday night a group of the bestest friends in the whole world met up with me for a night out on the town. We had so much fun and I got to act out my fantasies of being in the SNL skit about the Blue Oyster Cult... all I have to say is "I need more cowbell" I had an awesome time with friends from past and present. My actual birthday started with me dragging myself to church after staying out to late the night before. We got our Christmas tree in the afternoon and the evening was a nice dinner and family time at my in-laws. As I reflect back on my first 12 years as an actual adult I realize I have done so much and have been so blessed by the people that were put into my life!

Monday, December 1, 2008


One of my favorite things about the holidays is the traditions. There are traditions in many forms. Some families have tons some just a few, but they are all special. My mother in law has started some fun traditions with my daughter. Now that she is getting older she is more of a help and she LOVES helping. One is she gets to spend the night on the day before Thanksgiving and help grandma with all the cooking. They were so busy they forgot to take pictures but I hear Lena was and excelent helper. The other is in the last few years she has been invited to help decorate my in-laws.... I didn't know this meant litteraly!! She loves being able to go over and help make the house festive. I am so thankful for the in-laws that I have and the fact that they try so very hard to make all of their grandchildren feel special in some way. My challenge to you as we go through this holiday season is whenever you find yourself doing something that is a "tradition" in your house hold I encourage you to stop take a couple of pictures and blog about your tradition. You never know who might love your idea or who you might get an idea from! Happy Holidays!!