Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tag again... yeesh

So I was sitting here all nice and quiet and thought I would catch up on my blog reading little did I know what Holly had in store for me I've been tagged AGAIN!! This time the instructions were to drop what I was doing and take a picture of the area where I blog... This is my office it is where I spend a lot of my time. If I am not at the messy computer desk (gosh I really need to clean it up) than I am directly behind there at my craft table working on projects there. Now I have to say in my own defense I just completed a craft fair and there for my room is a total pig sty and hasn't been cleaned yet. It drives my husband crazy who gets a small little desk to the right of this picture and that is his space to work in... I have erupted all over the room!! The second half to this fun little game was to take a picture of your living room.... This is my living room! Now I like Traci got very lucky because I happend to host a baby shower at my house a few days before so the living room was fairly clean! Yeah!! We just got the new furniture you see in the picture about a month ago so the living room tends to stay pretty clean for the most part. We have new very strict living room rules that must be abided by!! So now here is the fun part I get to tag 3 people to play the game so I tag...
1.) Jennifer of Snapshots of a life
2.) Samantha of My Life as I know it
3.) Amanda of The JAMPAC Clan
Have fun!!!


Snowmommy said...

I'll try to tag you next time when I know your house is messy! :)