Friday, July 23, 2010

Cabo San Lucas

We spent our last port day in Cabo! It is very pretty here. Lots of activity and people. We were all quite tired from the last two days and it was in the high nineties today so we finished up our shopping and headed back to the ship. We had a short day here it was only 7-2. We have now set sale and have headed for for home!


Yesterday we were in port in Mazatlan. We decided to book a shopping, beach and lunch excursion. We went and did some shopping in the "golden zone" which is a big shopping district. .We were then taken to El Sid Resort for some beach play and swimming. We had free reign of the resort. We spent the first hour playing on the beach. We had red flag seas which meant the waves were quite large. We then had a mexican buffet lunch and headed to the pool side. We had an amazing pool with water falls and cliffs that we could jump off. It was a very cool place with Iguanas everywhere! We liked this port think we'll have to visit here again (we'll have to talk Uncle Dick) back on board headed to Cabo!

Puerto Vallarta

It was SO hot when we got off the boat. He hopped a taxi to a place called Sea Life Park where we surprised Lena with a dolphin swim (her biggest want on this trip) Aaron and I did it too. SO so so neat. We got to play with them and they pushed us with their noses. It was amazing. The other side of the park was a big water slide park. Unfortuanatly when we went over to go sliding the water wasn't running in the slides. We were informed that the power wasn't working and that it would be fixed in 15 minutes later..... 2 hours later finally the slides were working. We went to do some shopping along the beach after that. We even found a Mcdonalds and had some lunch!! Back on the ship and headed to Maazatlan!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sea day one and two

Yesterday was our first day at sea. We did a lot of swimming, watersliding and hot tubbing! The kids are loving that they can swim all they want and then take a break to get food! They both have unlimited pop stickers and love that they get to go to the bar to get their drinks! Lena and I stayed up late last night and went to see the Carnival Splendor dancers. She LOVED all the costumes and has now decided she is going to keep dancing so she can work on a cruise ship! We also went and watched some Karaokee though we didn't participate...yet!

Today was our second sea day. Again we spent quite a bit of time in the pool! We then had some down time in the cabin. Jason and I were out on our balcony looking around and we spotted a dolphin and her baby! SO cool but that wasn't the last of it we also saw a big ol' sea turtle riding the boats waves and several rays. Even cooler! I've never seen animals like that in the wild so it was very very cool! Tonight was a fiesta show with the dancers and again Lena was loving it!

After two days at sea we get to finally touch land tomorrow for our first shore day! Purto Vallarta here we come! I'll upload soem pictures with tomorrows post!!!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Day One

Day one was full of travel and getting acquainted with our ship! The kids are loving it so far! Lena's bag didn't arrive like it was supposed to and she was worried. It showed up finally and we were able to finally go in the pool! Spent sometime in the pool and lots of time in the hot tub. Unfortunately we ended up with the late dinner seating (1/3 of the boat is kids under the age of 18) so we don't eat until 8:15 means late nights for the kids as our show time isn't until 10:30!! They are being troopers though!! More later!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The wonderful world of Weight Watchers

Five weeks ago I started Weight Watchers. My reasoning? My baby is now 7 years old and in second grade so I just don't feel justified in calling it "baby weight" anymore!!! If you follow my blog you know that I did South Beach for a while I started that at 173 pounds and got down to 163 pounds. I put about 4 pounds back on from that and started the weight watchers diet at 167 pounds......... after 5 weeks of the plan (and more to go I'm only 1/2 way there) I now weigh in at 157 pounds! The day I broke 160 was an amazing day for me. I haven't been below 160 pounds since before I had Aaron. I know 160 doesn't sound THAT heavy to most of you but I started this journey (before my kids ruined me!! :o) at 110. Now I know I'll never be that low again and I am okay with that. My short term goal is 145 and my ideal goal weight is 140. Did I mention that I LOVE weight watchers? It is amazing. I don't feel deprived I still pretty much eat what I want I am just much more aware of what I am eating and how my body reacts when I eat to much (did I mention the 4th caused me to gain 2 pounds?) but I've also leared that it's okay to have an off day or two. It doesn't normally stick around for to long!!!

4th of July

Fourth of July has passed by the second year in a row with things seeming just a tad ascue for me. You see for 11 years Jason and I were the King and Queen of 4th of July.... we had a big bbq, invited tons of friends and family and spent a small fortune on a aresenol of fireworks. Last year on July 1st we moved into our new house which very amazing happens to sit right smack dab in the middle of a bunch of trees. Alas we can not celebrate the 4th as we have in years past. We went from having 1.2 acres of flat level grassy land to 1.5 acres of wooded land. Not so party/firework friendly. We are in the process of putting in a lawn and with luck will be back at it next year. Maybe not with the same kinds of fireworks as years past but atleast we can host again and do what we love. Having parties and feeding our friends is what makes us happy. The 4th this year was a quiet family affair at my in-laws. It was nice to get to sit and relax and not have to worry about entertaining anyone but secretly we really do miss it!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Yeah summer is finally here! The first day of vacation even came with a little sunshine! Today the kids and I went to Lake Padden and had a picnic then walked around the lake. It was beautiful out there today! We have a pretty busy summer of baseball, vacation and camp. Lena will be going to her first year of Firwood this year. She is so excited she can hardly stand herself. Before she goes though we will be going on a Mexican Rivera Cruise. All 4 of us. We're very excited about this trip and can't wait to go!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Geneva Elementary Home of the Gnomes

As most of you know my family moved this last summer. We moved across town which meant changing schools for the kids. We made the move in the summer so that they wouldn't have to switch schools in the middle of the year. Our new school is Geneva and we couldn't be happier. We love our new home! We're not thrilled about the mascot, we are now the Gnomes! Yep the Gnomes!! Geneva has the most amazing principal who is such a good sport. He even sported a "Greatest American Hero" costume...blonde curly wig and all! We also had a transition when Whatcom's sixth graders came into the school. It was quite the experience because the kids embraced them and welcomed even dubbing us the "Wild Gnome-Cats" (whatcom is the wildcats). All in all it was an amzing year. We can't wait until next year when I will have a second grader and a *gulp* a fifth grader!!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Photo Shoot

Today I took the kids out for a photo shoot. I couldn't think of what to do for Jason for Fathers day so I decided to get some new pictures of the kids so that we can update the one's he has in his office. Once I got the hang of how to change the brightness on my camera I got a few good shots. here is just one.... but shhhhhh because he doesn't know we went.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I stink at this

I have come to the conclusion that I really stink at this whole blogging thing! It's been almost a year since we've moved. We're still loving our new house and neighborhood. We've made new friends and the kids are liking their new school. I'm going to attempt to try and get on here more often. We've discovered a lot of things that we didn't know when we first moved here. Like all the wild life that comes along with living here. We've got baby deer and my favorite are my humming birds! We have 4 total. I only got picture of the two brown ones but I have two red ones too...