Monday, September 29, 2008


I have bunco tonight! I love bunco night! It's so much fun and a chance to get together with girlfriends and have fun and chat with NO KIDS!!! Our group has been dubbed the "Dicey Divas" with pink being our thing. I made these cupcakes for tonight!! I am pretty proud of how cute they turned out!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

New hair!

I got my hair done yesterday! I love it. She did a really cute layerd cut and I got blonde and strawberry put in my hair and it is super cute!! Isn't it funny how doing something as simple as getting your hair done can make you feel so much better about yourself!? I love it!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This past weekend was a very good friend of mines 30th birthday. This year has been abnormally difficult for her so myself and two other girlfriends decided that we were going to make her birthday weekend something she would never forget. On Saturday we planned a scavenger hunt for her and took her all over the town revisiting important places from her past. At each spot she would get a goodie and another clue. She looked rather crazy by the end but it was so much fun!! Then on Sunday her mom convinced her to go out to dinner. Little did she know we had that planned out too! We invited a ton of her friends from past and present and suprised her! She thought she was going to dinner with her parents and family she wasn't expecting a room full of her friends!! It was so awesome! I can't beleive we were able to pull off two days of surprises without her knowing!! I hope it was a weekend to remember and that her next year is a super happy one!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Not feeling so hot

Uh oh! It's that time of year again. I woke up feeling kind of blah today. My stomach is bothering me and my nose is running. The kids get back in school and bring home all kinds of stuff. It's lovely. I wouldn't mind so much but I've got Carley today and when she's here I like to be 100% so that time that I dedicate to her is quality. We're going to run some errands this morning and hopefully I'll just start feeling better. I think I have a case of the blahs!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Whatever happend to M-F/9-5??

I swear I know I am married but it hasen't felt like it lately. Jason took last Monday and Tuesday off and this weeks days off are Saturday and Sunday so he is working 10 days straight. And it isn't like he works a normal 9-5 shift. On a good day he leaves at 7 and gets home sometime between 5:30 and 6. Yesterday ended up being a 7-7. With all the things going on in life I feel like we never see him. I love the benefits we get from his job and the fact that it allows me to stay at home with the kids but sometimes I just feel like saying screw it all and opting for less money for more time. Normally it isn't this bad but 10 days straight with no help with the kids gets very wearing. Especially when it feels like all I do is drive from one activity to the next. Thank God soccer will be over soon and we'll only have dance and awana to worry about. I can handle 2 days a week!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Enjoy The Silence....

As I sit here in my dead quiet house (except for the crazy cat who is running back and forth) I can't help but enjoy myself!! My house has been a flutter with little voices for the last eight year and now all of a sudden it's quiet!! I will admit the first few days were just plain weird I had to actually turn on spongebob at one point just so I wouldn't go crazy from the silence! Now though I LOVE my quiet time. I can get stuff done at my craft table or even do the dishes and not have to play referee to anyone. Don't get me wrong I love my kids and I love being a stay at home mom but sometimes it's nice to just to get to be alone. Which mind you doesn't happen very often! I never knew what a luxury going to Target by yourself was!! To all of you that are at this phase in life or past I celebrate with you... for those of you that haven't gotten there yet... be strong it's coming and faster than you can imagine!! Relish the time you have because this one snuck up on me really fast! (hence the needing to listen to spongebob)!! I love you all my fellow moms!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Girls Day Out

A couple months back I saw that Phantom of the Opera was coming to Seattle. This show has been on my list of must sees since I was about 12 and sang a medley of songs from it in middle school. I searched for tickets and found some great one's in the 10th row center for $27 a piece.. to good to be true? I called my mother in law, my sister in law and my best friend Tammi and asked if they wanted to go with me. At $27 a ticket how could they say no?? They couldn't!! So after a few months of waiting we were on the way!! With a small disclaimer from me stating if the seats sucked I wasn't to blame after all they were cheap! We got to Seattle early and did a little shopping then headed to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. We ate and LAUGHED!! It was so much fun!!! BIG SHEET!!! Anyway, after lunch it was time for the show. We headed in to find our seats and where amazed at how awesome they were!! $27 got us 10th row center tickets with NO obstructions!!! The show was amazing and I ended up with goosebumps from the singing! I am so jelouse that I can't sing like that! I am so happy that I was finally able to see the Phantom and that I was able to share it with the 3 of the most important women in my life!! Thank you ladies for helping me to have such a good day!! Little sheet!!!

Oh what a week

I have always prided myself with being dependable. I am always on time if not early. I will do pretty much whatever is asked of me as long as I am able. I don't know what happend this week but I turned into someone I don't like. First of Wednesday I had a play date set up with one of Aaron's little friends from preschool. We were going to get off the bus and head over there to play for a couple hours. However I got asked to work and went in from 9-2. Not a big deal except I forgot about the playdate and didn't show up, didn't call... so not like me. Then yesterday I headed to Seattle to see the Phantom of the Opera. Such a wonderful day only to be over shadowed by what I found out when I got home..... I forgot that I had said I would get the neighbor boy off the bus and if I couldn't I needed to let his sister know so that she could... I didn't tell her. Wouldn't have been a big deal except Lena didn't ride the bus home yesterday so there was no one there to get him when he got off the bus and he had to go all the way back to school and have someone pick him up there. I am so frusterated by my actions. This isn't me and it isn't who I am.... I think it's time to take a step back and re-evaluate my schedule because obviosly I have way to much stuff going on.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Work Day

So I had an actual work day today. I had to get up get myself and the kids ready for the day which wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I then worked from 9-2 because King St. is short 5 staff persons and would have been running 5 short for lunch. Not a good thing at one of the biggest stores in the company. It really wasn't that bad. I only wanted to kill one person during the course of the day and I was able to leave right on time which is un-heard of! But I must say going back to work after 5 or 6 years will be quite tough and I think I'll have to ease into it. I thought I was ready to go back but I must admit I'm not quite there yet.

Friday, September 5, 2008

First day of Kindergarten

Phew! I made it and I did better than I thought I would. My baby started kindergarten today! He had a wonderful time and loves his teacher. I just am having a hard time grasping the fact that my child is in kindergarten. I came home to a completly quiet house and to be honest after a while I had to turn on cartoons for background noise! I am sure I will get used to it but for now it's still very strange. He rode the bus home and really liked that. It made him feel like a big boy!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Who is this young lady?

Wow! That is the only thing that comes to mind. Today is the first day of the 3rd grade for Lena. I can't even begin to tell you how I feel. I have a 3rd grader!! I can't be that old. I look at my little baby and realize that she isn't a baby anymore. She is growing into a beautiful young woman! She is kind and compasionate and one of the most amazing little people I know. She loves dancing and playing soccer and reading. I am so lucky and grateful that I was blessed with such a wonderful little girl. I just wish she would quit growing up so fast! Where does the time go?