Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh what a week

I have always prided myself with being dependable. I am always on time if not early. I will do pretty much whatever is asked of me as long as I am able. I don't know what happend this week but I turned into someone I don't like. First of Wednesday I had a play date set up with one of Aaron's little friends from preschool. We were going to get off the bus and head over there to play for a couple hours. However I got asked to work and went in from 9-2. Not a big deal except I forgot about the playdate and didn't show up, didn't call... so not like me. Then yesterday I headed to Seattle to see the Phantom of the Opera. Such a wonderful day only to be over shadowed by what I found out when I got home..... I forgot that I had said I would get the neighbor boy off the bus and if I couldn't I needed to let his sister know so that she could... I didn't tell her. Wouldn't have been a big deal except Lena didn't ride the bus home yesterday so there was no one there to get him when he got off the bus and he had to go all the way back to school and have someone pick him up there. I am so frusterated by my actions. This isn't me and it isn't who I am.... I think it's time to take a step back and re-evaluate my schedule because obviosly I have way to much stuff going on.....


my official photography website said...

It happens to the best of us. Don't beat yourself up over it too much. Maybe what you need is a calendar. Does your cell phone have 1 that you can use? Maybe it can alert you to when you have something scheduled?

I still think you're wonderful.