Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This past weekend was a very good friend of mines 30th birthday. This year has been abnormally difficult for her so myself and two other girlfriends decided that we were going to make her birthday weekend something she would never forget. On Saturday we planned a scavenger hunt for her and took her all over the town revisiting important places from her past. At each spot she would get a goodie and another clue. She looked rather crazy by the end but it was so much fun!! Then on Sunday her mom convinced her to go out to dinner. Little did she know we had that planned out too! We invited a ton of her friends from past and present and suprised her! She thought she was going to dinner with her parents and family she wasn't expecting a room full of her friends!! It was so awesome! I can't beleive we were able to pull off two days of surprises without her knowing!! I hope it was a weekend to remember and that her next year is a super happy one!! I LOVE YOU!!!!