Friday, February 27, 2009

My silly niece...

I get the pleasure of being able to watch my neice most weeks for a day. I've come to the conclusion that she idolizes her cousin Aaron because everything he does she copies. Way back like 6 months ago he had been going on an "adventure" and had a gameboy case across his body like a purse and his "sword" as soon as he put them down Carley was dressed up the same way. My son has an obsession with guitar hero and being a rock star he will turn anything into a microphone... guess who has this obession now too! Carley will sing into anything and loves to sing. Then I had her on Wednesday for whatever reason my son had a butterfly net on his head. Yep you guessed it as soon as he put it down little miss Carley had it on her head too!! I think it so cute that she loves to copy Aaron... I think I just need to be careful of what he says and does from now on!! My little Miss. Bean is more of a nut I think!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tag is a kids game...

My friend Holly at SnowMommy tagged me with this cute little lemonade stand. Holly is one of the most amazing people I know. She is a mom, a wife, a friend, a student, a daughter, an aunt.... the list goes on and on. I could sit all day and tell you the amazing things about Holly...

The idea is to talk about the person that tagged you and then tag your friends. You are supposed to tag 10 but I don't know that many! So I tag:
Jen and Snapshots of a Life: I know you hate these but I had too!
Samantha at My Life as I Know it: Love you girly just giving you something to blog about!
Amanda at Jampac Clan: You haven't blogged in ages... get on it!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Out of a total loss comes a new beginning

I have been in the downie dumps since this whole thing happend with my car. It came at the worst possible time of year, I really liked my car, we're putting money into this process that we don't have.... I'll be honest I've been having a pity party. Well almost two weeks ago now we went car shopping for a new car. I got another Explorer this one a 2006 and I LOVE IT!! It is so much nicer and better than my old car. It's got all kinds of features and extras. Last Friday night I took groups of Awana kids around the town on a scavenger hunt and they all kept telling me how cool my car was! The great thing is we got a rockin intrest rate and actually pay LESS per month on this one then we did on the old one. We are saving $75 a month on car payments! So once our ordeal with the drunk driver is over and I sue him to get back the money I had to pay out on all of this. I think I'll thank him. Thank him for getting me a better car....