Friday, February 27, 2009

My silly niece...

I get the pleasure of being able to watch my neice most weeks for a day. I've come to the conclusion that she idolizes her cousin Aaron because everything he does she copies. Way back like 6 months ago he had been going on an "adventure" and had a gameboy case across his body like a purse and his "sword" as soon as he put them down Carley was dressed up the same way. My son has an obsession with guitar hero and being a rock star he will turn anything into a microphone... guess who has this obession now too! Carley will sing into anything and loves to sing. Then I had her on Wednesday for whatever reason my son had a butterfly net on his head. Yep you guessed it as soon as he put it down little miss Carley had it on her head too!! I think it so cute that she loves to copy Aaron... I think I just need to be careful of what he says and does from now on!! My little Miss. Bean is more of a nut I think!!!