Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Out of a total loss comes a new beginning

I have been in the downie dumps since this whole thing happend with my car. It came at the worst possible time of year, I really liked my car, we're putting money into this process that we don't have.... I'll be honest I've been having a pity party. Well almost two weeks ago now we went car shopping for a new car. I got another Explorer this one a 2006 and I LOVE IT!! It is so much nicer and better than my old car. It's got all kinds of features and extras. Last Friday night I took groups of Awana kids around the town on a scavenger hunt and they all kept telling me how cool my car was! The great thing is we got a rockin intrest rate and actually pay LESS per month on this one then we did on the old one. We are saving $75 a month on car payments! So once our ordeal with the drunk driver is over and I sue him to get back the money I had to pay out on all of this. I think I'll thank him. Thank him for getting me a better car....