Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sea day one and two

Yesterday was our first day at sea. We did a lot of swimming, watersliding and hot tubbing! The kids are loving that they can swim all they want and then take a break to get food! They both have unlimited pop stickers and love that they get to go to the bar to get their drinks! Lena and I stayed up late last night and went to see the Carnival Splendor dancers. She LOVED all the costumes and has now decided she is going to keep dancing so she can work on a cruise ship! We also went and watched some Karaokee though we didn't participate...yet!

Today was our second sea day. Again we spent quite a bit of time in the pool! We then had some down time in the cabin. Jason and I were out on our balcony looking around and we spotted a dolphin and her baby! SO cool but that wasn't the last of it we also saw a big ol' sea turtle riding the boats waves and several rays. Even cooler! I've never seen animals like that in the wild so it was very very cool! Tonight was a fiesta show with the dancers and again Lena was loving it!

After two days at sea we get to finally touch land tomorrow for our first shore day! Purto Vallarta here we come! I'll upload soem pictures with tomorrows post!!!