Monday, July 5, 2010

The wonderful world of Weight Watchers

Five weeks ago I started Weight Watchers. My reasoning? My baby is now 7 years old and in second grade so I just don't feel justified in calling it "baby weight" anymore!!! If you follow my blog you know that I did South Beach for a while I started that at 173 pounds and got down to 163 pounds. I put about 4 pounds back on from that and started the weight watchers diet at 167 pounds......... after 5 weeks of the plan (and more to go I'm only 1/2 way there) I now weigh in at 157 pounds! The day I broke 160 was an amazing day for me. I haven't been below 160 pounds since before I had Aaron. I know 160 doesn't sound THAT heavy to most of you but I started this journey (before my kids ruined me!! :o) at 110. Now I know I'll never be that low again and I am okay with that. My short term goal is 145 and my ideal goal weight is 140. Did I mention that I LOVE weight watchers? It is amazing. I don't feel deprived I still pretty much eat what I want I am just much more aware of what I am eating and how my body reacts when I eat to much (did I mention the 4th caused me to gain 2 pounds?) but I've also leared that it's okay to have an off day or two. It doesn't normally stick around for to long!!!