Monday, August 18, 2008

Long blog

Okay so it's been over a year since I've been on here but my friends blogs have inspired me to start it up again. The summer seems to be flying by and I just can't get over how fast my kiddos are growing up. Lena is going to be in the 3rd grade this year. That is just 2 years away from middle school and then there is my little man... he's going to be in Kindergarten this year. I have having a really hard time with the fact that my baby will be going to real school. I am trying really hard to embrace the situation but it's just to hard. I will spend the next year enjoying my last year off as next year I will be re-entering the adult world. I think I will be headed back to Whatcom to persue a degree in Buisness Adminitration with an emphasis on hospitality and tourism. I am hoping to open my own wedding and events business... we'll see how it goes!


Amanda said...

So glad to see you up dated your blog. I hope it won't be another year until you update!