Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow, Snow and More Snow

So you would think with all the extra time that I have had being stuck inside I would be blogging like crazy...alas I have not. But here I am finally to report on our week so far. Aaron had all of 1 day of school this week do to snow and early release days. He was super stoked about that! We did finally get out of the house on Friday to go and see a movie. It was a must do or else I was affraid I would kill my children. I have also institued a new rule for snow play: You must stay outside for at least as long as it took me to get you ready to go out in the first place. I spend 35 minutes putting on gloves, fixing snowpants, hats, boots, coats, scarves only to have them get outside and want to come back in 5 minutes later. This snow does kind of suck though because it's so light it doesn't pack (see the exibit A picture below of the kids pelting dad with "snowballs") I have gotten quite a bit done being stuck. All of my christmas presents are wrapped, I'm getting my baking done and my laundry is ALMOST caught up. All in all it hasn't been that bad. I think it's pretty but it can go away anytime now!


Snowmommy said...

I like your rule, I'm thinking that might be a new rule here!

Barb said...

The snow might be my fault. I'm sure when I retired last year I said that I hoped it snowed and snowed next winter. I'm really sorry!! I like your rule. Many times I'd get Jason and Jen ready and Jen would be back in the house in no time. But not Jason. I would have to tell him to come in and get warm. The kids look like they were having fun though.