Sunday, December 28, 2008

Showing Love

Leave it to Holly to tag me AGAIN!! This one is fun though! She awarded me this cute little blog award and now I have to blog about the top 5 things I love:

1: My husband and kids. Should be a given but it's the truth. I couldn't imagine life without them.

2: CBS Thursday nights, Survivor and CSI the original. I go through withdrawls when it's not in season time!

3: Card making this one thing I do when I am bored or just need to "escape" from my reality for a bit. There is nothing like the look on someones face when they get a homemade card!

4: Warm snuggly pajamas. I could stay all day in them. Flannel are the best.

5: Days with nothing to do. I live for my down days where there is no dance, soccer, pta, awana, karate.... you get the picture. The days where I can stay home get things in order and actually cook a real dinner. Those are the days that I love.

So now I am supposed to tag people. I didn't read Holly's list so sorry if there are duplicates.

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