Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank God for Miricles

Today I got a touch of how fragile life is and how we really never know what is going to happen. Everything can change in the blink of an eye.

My parents are here visiting from Arizona and while they are here they borrowed my car. Today they were hit by a drunk driver and walked away from the accident unhurt. I am angry that my car is totaled and I don't have a vehicle but I thank God that he kept my parents safe and that no one was hurt. The 24 year old driver was headed home after a night of partying in Bellingham. He hit a guardrail before hitting my parents almost head on and then fled the scene. They caught him three hours later at his home (luckily he left his licence plate behind) and when given the breathalizer test he blew a .24 3 hours after the accident happned. They are assuming he was well over a .30 when the accident occured. Let this be a testiment to why you should not drink and drive. This could have been so much worse.


Samantha Seholm said...

I am so glad your parents were ok. That is so scary!!

Snowmommy said...

Wow, glad to hear your parents walked away.