Sunday, July 12, 2009


On July 5th our little family was baptized. It's something that has been tugging at my heart strings for a while and when Lena asked about being baptized I knew it was time to obey God and go forth with this very important, very public statement of my faith. Jason also decided it was time for him as well. We were not possitive about Aaron as we belive that baptism is a choice. Something that one has to decide upon themselves. He said he wanted too but we were not sure if it was because he wanted to in his heart or because the rest of us were. He gave valid reasons and we all decided he was ready. Jason went first and then was able to baptize both of our children which was an amazing thing for me to be able to witness. I went last and Jason was also able to baptize me which was a very significant thing for us as it was Jason that led me to Jesus. So our family all together did this amazing thing and now are on to the next steps in our house, new life...great start!!!