Thursday, July 30, 2009

South Beach + Hot weather = torture

OMG I am having such a hard time with this diet and the weather. First of all I LOVE ice cream and what better time to have it then when it's so hot... but I can't. The sugar free popcicles just don't seem to be doing it. And on top of that this diet requires you to cook... I can not even fathom turning on the stove right now. We had turkey hotdogs and cottage cheese last night because I was able to micorowave the hotdogs!! I'm sticking to it though. Still haven't cheated to the best of my knowledge and other than the ice cream craving I seem to be wanting sugary things less and less. I think I'll wait until Monday to do the weigh in. That way it's been a full week......


Snow Mommy said...

Hang in there! :)