Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's day 6 and I'm still going....kinda

Okay okay I admit it I cheated this morning! I had a waffle with peanut butter (the waffle part is a no no) BUT I figure if that is the only cheating I do then I am good. I am not an egg person. I don't care for them, I very rarely eat them and the thought of eating another egg this morning made me want to gag. So I did the waffle. We'll see if it makes a difference in the morning. I did control myself last night though. Was very hard. The family had pizza....ooey gooey warm and yummy smelled so good I stared at it the whole time I was eating my salad pizza.... way to torture myself huh?? But I didn't have any! Not even a bite!! YEAH ME!!! (anyone watch suit life???) Anyway, yesterday was my hardest day by far. I was sorta in the downy dumps and was just about to throw in the towel but I didn't and I'm still going (waffle aside it was whole grain if that makes a difference....) anyway weigh in on Monday we'll see how I'm doing then!!!


Jen Bonstein said...

You can do it!! I know you can. Don't think about the next meal or what you're not eating. Just one day at a time, one meal at a time, one bite at a time. You're already a week into this and doing great.