Monday, December 1, 2008


One of my favorite things about the holidays is the traditions. There are traditions in many forms. Some families have tons some just a few, but they are all special. My mother in law has started some fun traditions with my daughter. Now that she is getting older she is more of a help and she LOVES helping. One is she gets to spend the night on the day before Thanksgiving and help grandma with all the cooking. They were so busy they forgot to take pictures but I hear Lena was and excelent helper. The other is in the last few years she has been invited to help decorate my in-laws.... I didn't know this meant litteraly!! She loves being able to go over and help make the house festive. I am so thankful for the in-laws that I have and the fact that they try so very hard to make all of their grandchildren feel special in some way. My challenge to you as we go through this holiday season is whenever you find yourself doing something that is a "tradition" in your house hold I encourage you to stop take a couple of pictures and blog about your tradition. You never know who might love your idea or who you might get an idea from! Happy Holidays!!